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   This site is dedicated to vintage shaving brushes made by the Rubberset Company founded by Andrew Albright, Sr. in Newark, New Jersey.  These brushes are no longer made (In 2017 the newest ones will be 60 years old) but live on as a testament to their quality and longevity.  The information here will be continually updated as additional historical information and other brush models are compiled.

   I've also added a tab for "Other Vintage Brushes" to show representative examples of different vintage brush makers from this period.  It's a great resource if you're looking to identify a brush that the markings are partially worn.  Each of the 50+ brush manufacturers listed has it's own page of brush models that I'm continually working to expand. 

   You can send an e-mail to Jim with questions or comments about this website.   I really enjoy getting feedback so please feel free to send a note.  I also graciously accept any pictures or information on all makes and models.  Old shaving brush advertisements are of particular interest.

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Disclaimer:  This site is not affiliated with Rubberset Company, a division of the Sherwin-Williams Company.  Rubberset Company has a website with their summarized history here.  This site is exclusively concerned with the early history of the company as it relates to their shaving brushes and was compiled from public information freely available on the web.  It is intended to be informational in nature, not commercial.